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Agroquímicos VERSA has an ample product range, in addition it maintains, from its beginnings, a constant restlessness to improve its line products, as well as that its new developments are of the best quality.

Now days, this company has a Control of Quality and Development Department, which has  to assure that all the products that are elaborated fulfill the international specifications of quality established, as well as to look for new alternatives to improve them and to adapt them to the necessities of our clients.

VERSA is working in the development of new products based on innovating technologies, and has a laboratory equipped with the necessary technology for the evaluation of all our products, as well as  the ones which are in development process.

Our products are environment friendly. Now days people are really concerned about using compounds that are naturally degraded or that degradation does not generate toxic products.

In VERSA we are working to fulfill the expectations of our clients.