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VERSA started its operations on February 14th., 1980 actively dedicating itself to the commercialization of agricultural products in the Comarca Lagunera. By 1984, the company had its agrochemical formulation plant in the industrial zone of Torreon. The company was focused on satisfying the growing demand of its customers, principally cotton growers, and on initiating sales through its distributors, producing at that time, liquid and powdered insecticide formulas. 

By 1991, VERSA initiated the expansion of its liquid insecticides plant, doubling its formulation capacity and adding automated equipment in its packing line. The company began to offer toll formulation service and operated on more aggressive levels in other markets through a selected network of distributors. By 1993, VERSA constructed its liquid herbicides plant with its sights on increasing its product line and to offer a more complete service to contract companies.

From 1994 to the present, various changes occurred inside of VERSA, the installation of its suspension concentrate plant for the insecticide and fungicide formulation, the installation of its granulated and wettable powders plants, the construction of a plant for the formulation of soil fertilizers; it realized important investments in laboratory equipment assuring quality control of its products, as well as the renovation and automatization of its plants with its sights set on securing its functionability and increasing its capacity for formulation and packing.

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